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APS has a highly trained and experienced team of specialists, with national and international exposure, in each area of solar engineering and production that enables us to manufacture the world-class modules indigenously.

10+ years of industry experience

Made In India

15000+ Happy Customers

Reliable Service Support

11,000+ Successful Installations Completed

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Small Houses

300W x 10 solar panels

1 x 3 kw Solar Inverter

  • High efficiency solar modules
  • IEC, BIS & ALMM Approved
  • 30 Years of performance Warranty on Panels
  • 8 Year* Inverter Warranty
  • WiFi/GPRS Monitoring
1.02 Lakh onwards


Medium Houses

340W x 12 solar panels

1 x 4.2 kw Solar Inverter

  • High efficiency solar modules
  • IEC, BIS & ALMM Approved
  • 30 Years of performance Warranty on Panels
  • 8 Year* Inverter Warranty
  • WiFi/GPRS Monitoring
1.28 Lakh onwards


Luxurious Bungalows

340W x 17 solar panels

1 x 6 kw Solar Inverter

  • High efficiency solar modules
  • IEC, BIS & ALMM Approved
  • 30 Years of performance Warranty on Panels
  • 8 Year* Inverter Warranty
  • WiFi/GPRS Monitoring
1.87 Lakh onwards


From Sunlight to Success: Real Stories from Satisfied Solar Customers

Let’s learn from their experience.

Calculating the Benefits

Accountant’s view on Solar Panels and Financial Advantage

Mr. Parth Trivedi (Accountant)

Savings and Superior Service

Lawyer’s Praise for Solar Solutions

Mr. Samir Siddhpuriya (GST - Lawyer)

From Expenses to Savings

Businessman’s view on Solar Panels and Quality Solutions

Mr. Hardik patel (Businessman)

Empowering the Community

A step towards greener future and Savings

Mr. Tulsibhai Patel and Mr. Kantibhai Thakkar (society secretary)

Shining a Light on Solar

Advocate’s Perspective on Solar and Sustainability

Mr. Kamalnayan Panchal (Advocate - Guj High Court)

Sun-Powered Bliss

Customer Radiates Happiness over Savings and Speedy Support.

Mr. Rupesh Patel

Relying on the Natural Resource

A Businessman’s take on free use resource, development and savings

Mr. Meghal Patel

About Us

Leading the Solar Energy Revolution

Introducing AustralianPremiumSolar, a trailblazing solar company with 15 years of unparalleled experience in the renewable energy sector. As proud promoters of the “Made in India” initiative, we combine cutting-edge technology with the finest craftsmanship, fostering a greener tomorrow. With global expertise in hand, we deliver innovative solar solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to harness the power of the sun to create clean, renewable energy for homes, businesses, and communities across the nation. Join us in our mission to revolutionize India’s energy landscape and shape a brighter future for all.


Real Customers, Real Reviews

Mr.Ronak Patel from APS has finished installation and I am deeply pleased and impressed. He was happy to fit in with my schedule, came on time, and didn’t stop working until it was up and running. I was especially impressed with his cheerful and friendly response to all my questions & comments.I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone thinking of “going solar”

- Pandya Hiren

For every question I had, they were able to answer and more. They gave me all of the information I needed and I am very glad I chose to go to this company. Everyone was very friendly. They offer good prices. I am extremely happy with my purchase and strongly recommend you to get Solar from this company too. I have told all of my friends about it, and they are all happy with it too. They made setup easy, and helped through the whole process.

- Himanshu Gohel

It was great experience working with APS installation team. They were super professional in their work and installed all panels very smoothly. I will highly recommend APS to the person who is planning to do new solar installation.

- Ruchit Shah

I installed APS system 1 years back. I had problem. They solve it on phone, system working now. I saved good money on electricity. I also recommended 2 family members who are really happy with APS system. Mr. Pratik patel so supportive, Thank you…

- Sanajay Ravat
Tempting, that’s my personal experience about this APS company. Employees in work field which are not only very generous but also v gracious to the customer. What’s more, products and raw materials which are more crucial and it is satisfies to customer as well.
- Apoorv Patel
Australian Premium Solar (India) Pvt. Ltd is very good company. All staff member it’s supported and down to earth. We appreciate for this company. Installation and materials satisfaction For clients very well. I am really proud for this company in future its go ahead same quality and service. Thank you.
- Hardik Faldu
I was getting bill around 2000 and after getting APS system I am getting credit bill. Good saving. Highly recommended. Thank you Pratik Patel
- Pooja Thummar
Best performance of panel I have 4 kw system give max. 21 unit in peak time and also best guidence of Hardik Patel regarding full system and site selection
- Patel Pintu
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